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Julián Arango – Returns As Hugo Lombardi In Betty la Fea, La Historia Continúa

Julián Arango – Returns As Hugo Lombardi In Betty la Fea, La Historia Continúa

Recapturing The Magic Of An Iconic Character

I had the pleasure of interviewing Julián Arango, one of Colombia’s most iconic actors known for his versatility and memorable character portrayals. Among his most notable roles is Hugo Lombardi in the popular telenovela “Betty la Fea,” a show that has left an indelible mark on global television.

Julián returns to reprise his role as Hugo Lombardi in “Betty la Fea, The Story Continues,” a new series that brings these beloved characters into a contemporary context. This production aims to revive the magic and charm that made “Betty la Fea” a global phenomenon.

Initially, adapting to new digital platforms filled Julián with anxiety and uncertainty. However, upon reuniting with his colleagues on set, that anxiety transformed into confidence and excitement. “When I learned I would be playing Hugo Lombardi again, I wondered how Hugo would walk and talk after 20 years. But once on set, Hugo simply resurfaced with all his energy,” Julián recalls.

During our conversation, he expressed his enthusiasm for reviving Hugo Lombardi, a character pivotal to his career. “The joy of playing Hugo Lombardi again is absolute,” he confessed. This character not only opened doors in his career but continues to bring him joy and pride. Reuniting with the original cast was an emotional experience. “Being back with my friends, with my Betty family, fills me with complete joy,” he expressed.

One intriguing aspect of the new series is how the characters have evolved over 20 years. According to Julián, Hugo Lombardi has achieved international success, notably showcasing at Paris Fashion Week 2024. This experience marks a significant milestone for Hugo, solidifying him not only as Colombia’s greatest designer but also as a prominent figure in Latin America and beyond.

Despite his global achievements, Hugo remains central to ECOMODA, a company that functions almost like a family, uniting its characters in a way that resonates with viewers. “ECOMODA feels like a family; each piece fits perfectly,” explained Julián.

He also reflected on how, despite the passage of time, it feels as though nothing has changed for these characters. “It’s like those 20 years didn’t exist, like nothing happened,” he commented. This reunion was emotional for Julián and the rest of the cast. The first scene filmed in the boardroom, where many actors reunited after years, evoked a timeless feeling. “We looked at each other, and it seemed like no time had passed,” Julián says. This connection and chemistry are what make “Betty la Fea” and its derivatives still relevant and beloved.

Furthermore, Julián emphasized the significance of this series in today’s context. “In a way, ‘Betty la Fea’ is needed in the world right now for its messages, its form, its joy,” he explained. For Julián, this production is not just another project but a responsibility to bring hope to the world.

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As an actor, Julián Arango has proven to be versatile, adapting to various roles and challenges throughout his career. From the formidable Guadaña in “El Cartel de los Sapos” to his ventures into stand-up comedy, his talent shines. Yet, it is his role as Hugo Lombardi that resonates deeply, and this return promises to be monumental for his fans.

Julián Arango’s love and commitment to his character and the production are evident. For audiences, especially Latino viewers in the United States, this series represents an opportunity to reconnect with beloved characters and discover new facets of a story that has transcended generations. As fans, we eagerly anticipate how Hugo Lombardi and others navigate this new chapter, preserving the essence that made “Betty la Fea” a television icon.

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BY: Camilo Florido

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