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Welcome To Our July Edition

Welcome To Our July Edition

This month, we celebrate one of the most important events in the United States: the 4th of July, Independence Day. It’s a date that invites us to reflect on the values of freedom, equality, and the ongoing pursuit of the American dream. These principles not only resonate in the hearts of American citizens but also inspire people worldwide to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

On our cover, we have the honor of featuring Julián Arango, a renowned Colombian actor known for his iconic portrayal of Hugo Lombardi in Betty la Fea, La Historia Continúa.” With the series’ relaunch on Amazon Prime, we celebrate the cultural impact of “Betty la Fea” and how it has transcended borders, captivating global audiences with its humor and authenticity.

Through his talent and charisma, Julián Arango embodies the essence of an actor who, regardless of origin, leaves an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. His success reminds us that art and culture have the power to unite and enrich us, no matter where we come from.

Just as the 4th of July symbolizes the struggle for independence and freedom, Julián Arango’s career represents perseverance and triumph on the international stage. Let’s celebrate this month with pride, remembering that the true spirit of independence lies in our ability to dream, create, and connect with others through our shared stories.

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Happy 4th of July and enjoy our July edition!

BY: Paula Vanegas

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