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Zach Naert: Prioritizing Family In The Life Of An Accident Attorney

Zach Naert: Prioritizing Family In The Life Of An Accident Attorney

In celebration of Father’s Day, we had the opportunity to speak with Zach Naert, an accident attorney who has found a way to balance his professional career with his role as a father of two. In a warm and sincere interview, Zach shared his views on the importance of family, his life philosophy, and how he tackles the challenges of being both a dedicated professional and a present father. He welcomed us into his office, where an atmosphere of warmth and passion prevails, reflecting his love for law, music, baseball, and most importantly, his family.

The Challenge of Being Both Father and Lawyer

Zach talks to us about balancing his intense career with raising his children. “I have two kids, one 10 years old and the other almost three. It’s a bit difficult when you have so much work, but it’s a balance you have to strike because life is very short, and you need to spend time with those who are important to you,” he tells us with conviction.

Zach, who faces complex and stressful situations daily in his work, emphasizes the importance of cherishing every moment with his family. “Every day, I handle very serious situations for people. Life is short, our time here is short, and there is no reason not to be with your family and friends and have a good time with everyone.”

When asked how he manages to balance his professional and personal responsibilities, Zach responds wisely: “The secret is to try to do what you can. You need to attend the soccer games, stop working at five, and go home. This stage of life, when the children are young, is the one we will always remember and cherish; therefore, being with them is very important to me.

This philosophy is reflected in his daily life. Zach ensures that his children understand the importance of his passions and responsibilities. His older son, for example, practices music with him. “He knows that music is important to me and that I am a fan of the Cardinals baseball team,” thus creating memories and strengthening their relationship.

The Legacy of His Parents

Zach speaks fondly of his own parents, who served as role models for him. “They always showed me a lot of love and attended my soccer games. I like to do the same for my children. If I can do that, it would be a great success for me.”

For Zach, the role of parents in their children’s lives is fundamental. “As a son and now a father, I believe that this position is the most important one we can hold in this world. Some of us work as lawyers, others as doctors; there are many different types of jobs, but the job of being a parent is a gift.”

A Message to Future Parents

Zach offers advice to those who are not yet parents: “Being a father has completely changed my life. Good luck to all those who want to be parents. It’s not very difficult to have this love and spend time with your children.”

A Superpower for the Future

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Zach reflects deeply on the future. “I think about the future of our country and the future of my children, their health, and the challenges they will face. We always want the next generation to be in a better situation than we are,” Zach shares. “I hope I can help my children be in a position where they can support others and maintain a family.” For him, the key is ensuring that his children grow up with respect and solid values, prepared to contribute positively to society.

Final Reflections

Zach leaves us with a powerful reflection: “Our time in this world is short. Do what is important to you. Spend your time with your family and friends, and do what you can.”

Zach’s story is a reminder that, regardless of our occupations, true success lies in the love and time we dedicate to our loved ones.

Happy Father’s Day, Zach, and to all the fathers who find ways to be present and make each day an opportunity to love and grow alongside their children!

BY: La Isla Magazine

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