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Patricia Urriola: An Example Of Maternal Strength And Determination

Patricia Urriola: An Example Of Maternal Strength And Determination

Patricia Urriola de Millán is a mother whose story reflects not only unconditional love for her children but also the courage and determination to face the challenges that life has presented to them. Through her words, we can glimpse the depth of her experiences and the commitment she has to her family and the community.

The Power of Maternal Love

She considers mothers to be super powerful, “we have superpowers that, I believe, no one surpasses. And a mother’s love moves mountains. The satisfaction of being a mom makes you grow, makes you learn, especially learn to give, to give without expecting anything in return.”

Behind each smile of Patricia lies a profound message of gratitude, a legacy of love that she has imparted to her children. With every gesture, every word, she teaches them the value of appreciating life’s blessings, even amidst challenges.


“To my children, I want to thank them for being themselves, for being so special and making me feel so special,” she expresses with palpable emotion. With every obstacle they face together, Patricia reminds them of the importance of being thankful, not only for the joys but also for the lessons that life offers them.

Facing Challenges

One of the most challenging moments in Patricia and her family’s life was when they received the diagnosis of autism for their youngest son. “Juan Pablo’s autism diagnosis was a transformative moment for our family. We faced significant challenges, but we also found great strength and unity.”

Finding support in the Community

“Discovering hope within the community can change lives in unimaginable ways. Your testimony is moving. “I found PASOs, a wonderful organization that offers a support network and vital resources for families facing challenges. I couldn’t believe there was so much attention; that is, my son received all the care as if he had been born here. He received that kind of services that go home, give therapies, connect you with so many things, and I am extremely grateful for all these opportunities they gave my son.” “That’s when I started doing volunteer work with PASOs, while also working at La Isla Magazine. I am very grateful to Mr. Eric Esquivel because he gave me the opportunity to work and take my children everywhere with me.”

An Autistic Family

Through love and mutual support, they have learned to accept and celebrate Juan Pablo’s authenticity. “Juan Pablo has taught us to grow in authenticity, to respect authenticity. “It was challenging for us, but it has been inspiring. We have become an autism family. I speak of autistic families because we all have to get involved to support him in his integration into society.”

Integration and Understanding

Patricia reflects on the importance of understanding and accepting the differing perceptions of autistic children. “They just see things differently than we do, but it doesn’t mean they don’t see it, they don’t experience it, they’re not there to live it.” For her, as a mother, it is essential to empower other mothers, as they are the ones who face the daily challenges of raising children with special needs. She acknowledges the effort involved in ensuring that her children are involved in activities that promote a healthy mind and body, such as sports, therapy, and medical visits, as well as the importance of proper nutrition and following treatments. Patricia emphasizes that understanding that autism is not a condition with a quick fix, but a way of life that requires support and understanding, is crucial to providing the best support to children.

Towards a More Inclusive World

Her commitment to inclusion led her to create, together with PASOs and Family Connection, the “Caminando Juntos” program, an initiative dedicated to supporting families with children with special needs. “Caminando Juntos is a fundamental part of my life. It is a program that offers support and vital resources to families facing challenges similar to ours. It is rewarding that the moms in the group support each other.”

Regarding the integration and understanding of the needs of children with neurodiversity, Patricia acknowledges that there is still a long way to go. However, her commitment to PASOs and other community efforts reflects her determination to create a more inclusive and understanding world for everyone.

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Support for Future Mothers

But Patricia’s commitment does not stop there, and with the wonderful team at PASOs, they have launched a new program for pregnant women, “PASOs En Tu Embarazo,” offering vital information and support during a crucial stage. “With the program, the team is committed to educating and supporting mothers during pregnancy, fostering a safe environment for both the mother and the future baby to be born in a safe environment, free from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes,” emphasizes Patricia.

This program not only provides vital information about prenatal care but also creates a space of support and community for future mothers. “What we want to achieve is to give them the information, the resources, so that a pregnant mother comes to us and we can say: okay, this is the ABC of your pregnancy process.”

The next class will be on May 2nd at 5:30 pm at the Chelsea Medical Center bookstore. On that occasion, they will talk about nutrition in pregnant women, to prevent gestational diabetes and the importance of prenatal care.

A Legacy of Love and Commitment

Through her journey with autism and motherhood, Patricia has shown that love, empathy, and support can overcome any obstacle. Her story is an inspiring testament to strength and resilience, and her commitment to making the world a more inclusive and compassionate place is a guiding light for all those who have the privilege of knowing her. On this Mother’s Day, we honor Patricia Urriola and all mothers whose unwavering love and dedication to the community continue to inspire us all.

If you want to see the full interview, visit our YouTube.

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