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Bike Safety

Bike Safety

Biking is a great way to get around but it is important to be safe.  Remember, bikes have to follow the same signs and rules as cars.

Keep your bike in good working condition.  Handle bars should be tight in place, chains should not be rusty and the brakes should be working.

Always wear a helmet.  This will protect your head and could save your life. 

Try to ride on the bike path.  Pay attention to the small stop signs on the bike paths. 

If there are no bike paths and you must ride in the street – ride with the traffic – go the same way cars are going. You must obey all the same traffic rules that a car does. 

Make sure you can be seen while riding your bike.  During the day, wear bright colors.  Try not to ride at night – but if you do, you should use a front headlight.  Also wear reflective tape and white or light colored clothing.

Be careful in bad weather. Rain can make it harder for you to stop.

Pay attention while you are on your bike – Watch out for potholes, cracks, wet leaves, drainage grates or anything that could make you fall.  Be careful on bridges. Keep both hands on the brakes in case you have to stop suddenly. 

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Never wear headphones while riding – you might not hear traffic coming behind you.

A bike can be stolen in only a minute or two. Use a U-shaped lock, heavy chain or cable.  Lock your bike when you are going inside a building or leaving the immediate area. 

BY: Cinda Seamon – Fire & Life Safety Educator, Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue

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