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Easter Celebration: Gastronomic Traditions That Mark Spring In North America

Easter Celebration: Gastronomic Traditions That Mark Spring In North America

The Easter Bunny, a beloved figure in North American tradition, not only brings joy to children with its egg hunt but also sets the stage for a delicious gastronomic celebration.

On the Easter table, glazed ham reigns supreme. Baked to perfection and covered with a sweet and spicy layer of honey or brown sugar, this delicacy is a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

It is accompanied by fresh vegetables such as asparagus, carrots, and peas, representing the new life sprouting in spring.

A regional touch:

Each region of North America adds its distinctive touch to the table. In the South, for example, smoked ham is common instead of glazed. In the Northeast, cod is a popular dish, while in the West, lamb takes the spotlight.

Lamb, a traditional dish in some cultures, can also be the centerpiece, roasted or stewed with aromatic herbs.

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For those with a sweet tooth, desserts abound: carrot cake, moist and flavored with spices, is a classic, along with fresh fruit tarts or coconut cream pie.

Chocolate eggs, cookies in spring shapes, and Easter bread complete the table, filling it with color and flavor. Beyond specific recipes, Easter food in North America is a time for family sharing, enjoying spring, and celebrating the joy of resurrection.

Jose Eliseo Guzman B. – Professional In Gastranomy

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