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Conexión Divina: A Musical Legacy for Mexican Regional Music

Conexión Divina: A Musical Legacy for Mexican Regional Music

In a world where music remains a reflection of our roots and experiences, we had the privilege of conversing with the talented members of Conexión Divina, a trio of Mexican-American Latinas who are transforming the history of Mexican regional music. 

Comprised of Sandra Calixto on bass, Liz Trujillo on vocal harmonies, and Daniela Santiago on requinto, this trio not only interprets but also composes their own songs and executes their instruments masterfully. Their outstanding work earned them their first Latin Grammy nomination in 2023, as well as a nomination as breakthrough artists in Mexican regional music at the 2024 Premios Lo Nuestro. Additionally, they were invited to participate in the new season of SCENES: Mexican Music, the SoundCloud docuseries presented by Toyota, where they share their experiences in a music genre traditionally dominated by men.

The Origin of the Encounter:

“About a year and a half ago, we connected through social media,” shares Sandra. “Initially, I was living in Dallas, Texas, and gradually I moved to Los Angeles,” she adds. “On my part, I resided in Los Angeles, and about five months ago, Daniela, who is originally from Texas, also joined us,” adds Liz. This chance encounter marked the beginning of a musical collaboration that would change their lives forever.

Influences, Cultural Diversity, and Inspiration:

“We all have Mexican roots and grew up listening to Mexican regional music,” emphasizes Liz. “Although I’m from Los Angeles, I grew up with Los Bukis and Los Ángeles Azules, thanks to my parents’ influence,” she adds. Dani’s parents are from Puebla, Sandra’s from Oaxaca, and Liz’s family has roots in Michoacán and Mexico City. Their inspirations include Julieta Venegas, Ariel Camacho, Junior H, and Iván Cornejo, with whom they did a documentary series.

Why Conexión Divina?

“The name ‘Conexión’ reflects how we met through social media, while ‘Divina’ pays homage to the iconic song ‘Mujeres Divinas’ by Vicente Fernández,” explains Sandra.

Female Empowerment in Music:

In a genre historically dominated by men, the members of Conexión Divina are determined to break down barriers and stereotypes. “We take pride in representing women in music,” asserts Liz. “We want to inspire other women to pursue their dreams,” adds Dani.

Reflections on Peso Pluma:

When asked about the influence of artists like Peso Pluma, the members of Conexión Divina expressed their admiration for the singer’s impact on contemporary music. “Peso Pluma has broadened horizons and brought music to diverse audiences,” shares Liz. “He’s an inspiration to us, as we also seek to connect with people of diverse backgrounds through our music,” adds Dani.

Exploring New Horizons:

“We are currently working on a new album,” reveals Liz. “We want to evolve our sound and define our own musical genre,” she adds. “Although we started with sierreño as a base, we are incorporating new and unconventional elements,” explains Sandra. “We want our music to be a fusion of our Mexican roots and our identity as Mexican-Americans,” concludes Dani.

The SoundCloud Toyota Experience:

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“Participating in SoundCloud Toyota has been an incredible experience,” says Dani with a smile. “We’ve had the opportunity to connect with other artists we admire and share our experiences in the music industry. There, we addressed one of the most frequently asked questions about how women feel in a male-dominated genre, and we talked about our experience in the industry and how we’ve been treated,” adds Liz. “It’s exciting to be part of a platform that promotes diversity and creativity in music,” concludes Sandra.

Conexión Divina is not just a musical group; they are a testament to the power of music to unite people and transcend cultural and gender barriers. Through their music and their commitment to innovation and authenticity, they are leaving a lasting legacy in the music industry, serving as inspiration for future generations of artists.

You can follow Conexión Divina on their official channels:

Instagram: @conexiondivina

Youtube: @conexiondivinaofficial

And on various music platforms like Spotify.

BY: La Isla Magazine

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