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Close Before You Doze

Close Before You Doze

Should your bedroom door be closed at night when you go to bed? The answer is “yes” because this could save your life in case of fire.

A study was done by the Fire Safety Research Institute and a room with a closed door had a temperature of 100 degrees but the room with the door open went to 1000 degrees!  Clearly the family members with their door closed could survive much longer.  This makes it possible for rescue or escape.

Because of synthetic materials, furniture, and construction, fire spreads faster than ever before.  Closing your bedroom door will slow down the spread of flames and prevent heat and smoke from filling your room. 40 years ago you had about 17 minutes to escape from fire while today you have only about 3 minutes. 

Since you may only have 3 minutes or less to escape a fire, make sure your family has a fire escape plan.  

Does everyone know at least 2 ways out?  Does everyone know where to check in once they are outside? If there is smoke, practice getting low and crawling to the exit. Make sure your children know your plan.  They can become very scared and might need specific directions and help getting out of the house.  They may not know what to do unless an adult shows them.  Consider getting an escape ladder if you have a second floor. 

The other important piece is to have working smoke alarms. Remember, after 10 years, the sensors that sense smoke and heat start to go dead so always replace alarms after 10 years.

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Remember to close before you doze.

BY: Cinda Seamon – Fire & Life Safety Educator, Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue

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