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The Race For The Presidency Of The United States Has Begun 

The Race For The Presidency Of The United States Has Begun 

Trump, Biden, DeSantis, Haley, and speculations surrounding Michelle Obama.

The upcoming presidential elections in the United States are shaping up to be a fascinating contest, with the Republican and Democratic parties fielding prominent candidates. The current president, Joe Biden, is seeking re-election, as well as former president Donald Trump. 

However, recent events, including the resignation of Governor Ron DeSantis and the potential candidacy of Nikki Haley from South Carolina, have added intrigue to the race. Furthermore, speculations about the possible candidacy of Michelle Obama have increased anticipation for the election outcome.

The unexpected resignation:

The unexpected resignation of Governor Ron DeSantis has injected an element of surprise into the race. DeSantis, a rising star within the Republican Party, was seen as a potential future presidential candidate. This development has forced Republicans to reassess their strategies and adapt to the changing dynamics of the elections.

Nikki Haley’s candidacy:

Former Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, has emerged as a potential Republican contender. Haley’s experience both in state and international affairs, coupled with her reputation as a unifying figure, has caught the party’s attention.

Speculation about Michelle Obama:

Rumors and speculations have circulated regarding the possible candidacy of former First Lady Michelle Obama. Although she has repeatedly stated that she has no intention of running for office, her popularity and influence cannot be underestimated.

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We will be closely following this political contest where migration and the economy will be among the most contentious issues. On Tuesday, November 5th, we will know the name of the new resident of the White House.

This is just the beginning.

BY: Camilo Florido

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