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Between Gems And Love – The Couple Who Captivates With Their Jewelry

Between Gems And Love – The Couple Who Captivates With Their Jewelry

In the fascinating universe of jewelry, some stories transcend gemstones and diamonds. This time, we introduce you to Juliana and Luis Quintero, a couple who not only share their lives but also a family legacy that has endured for generations.

Initiating a Family Legacy:

For Luis Quintero, jewelry is not just a profession; it’s a family tradition dating back to Medellín, Colombia. “My father had a jewelry store, and I continued with that legacy. I have always been an admirer of the art of handicrafts, and that truly motivated me to continue the family business,” shares Luis.

Working as a Couple: A Complete Balance:

Juliana and Luis not only share the marital bond but also work together in their business. In Juliana’s words, “One of the most rewarding aspects of working as a couple is that you get to know your partner not only as a spouse but also as a companion and boss. It’s an opportunity to discover much more about your partner in different roles.”

Jewelry and Valentine’s Day: An Emotional Bond:

Valentine’s Day takes on a special meaning in Juliana and Luis’s jewelry. For Juliana, a piece of jewelry during this season represents “the emotion that someone feels towards someone special. It’s a representation of a love that transcends the physical; it’s an emotional value.”

Romantic Anecdote:

Luis shares a heartfelt story of clients who wanted to transform their first wedding ring into a larger piece. Preserving the original design, the resulting jewelry became a significant reminder of their love over time. Luis recalls, “It was a very beautiful and meaningful result for them as a couple. They preserved part of the ring they exchanged for the first time.”

Tips for Entrepreneurial Couples:

Juliana and Luis emphasize the importance of balancing professional and family life. Taking time off and sharing activities outside of work are crucial for maintaining a healthy balance and strengthening both family and business.

Juliana reflects: “Balancing time between business and family life is not easy, but it’s something one must do for mental health and family balance.” 

Luis adds: “We have been achieving that balance, which has allowed us to discover that we make a great team.”

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Celebrating Love and Valentine’s Day:

Although their day revolves around serving customers, Juliana and Luis find time for themselves: “When the doors of the business close, we have a quiet evening at home with candles, good champagne, and that’s how we end our Valentine’s Day.”

In conclusion, Juliana and Luis Quintero are a couple whose connection goes beyond the jewelry they create. In their workshop, each piece is not only a masterpiece of craftsmanship but also a testament to the love they share and the tradition they have kept alive.

The Isla Magazine thanks them for sharing their story, bidding farewell to Juliana and Luis Quintero, wishing them not only success in their business but also a life filled with love and brilliant sparks that illuminate every step of their journey together.

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