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Thanksgiving Day: Let’s Celebrate Diversity

Thanksgiving Day: Let’s Celebrate Diversity

In the heart of November, the United States prepares to commemorate one of its most iconic days: Thanksgiving Day. In this special edition of Isla Magazine, we want to take you beyond the traditional family meal and immerse you in inspiring life stories of our beloved Hispanic community that capture the true spirit of this day.

In our first interview, we will explore the story of two dear friends, one Mexican and the other Uruguayan, who have turned their passion for photography into a successful venture. Their story is a testament to how creativity can flourish in this country. But diversity is not limited solely to geography, as we will demonstrate in our second interview. This time, we will learn about the story of a Romanian who came to the United States and embarked on the adventure of learning the Spanish language, reminding us of the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity in the United States. In our last story of this edition, we will delve into the life of an inspiring Venezuelan who came to these lands and not only found a new home but also the opportunity to share his love for softball with the community. His story is a touching reminder that, in the United States, opportunities to live and share our passions are boundless.

This Thanksgiving Day, as we gather around our tables to give thanks for the blessings we’ve received, let’s reflect on the stories of these individuals who represent the essence of this country, to acknowledge and appreciate diversity in all its forms. Let’s express gratitude for the opportunities that this land of dreams offers to everyone, regardless of their place of origin or life journey.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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By: Paula Vanegas

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