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VIP Photo-booth Rentals: From Friendship To A Successful Venture

VIP Photo-booth Rentals: From Friendship To A Successful Venture

The Lowcountry of the United States has been a place of hope and opportunities for many people. In the convergence of two life stories, two cultures, and a bond of friendship that transcends cultural differences, Gladys Orta and Elizabeth Manrique found the courage to embark on a new adventure in the world of business. These two women, originally from Mexico and Uruguay, respectively, have come together to bring “Vip Photobooth Rentals” to life. Through this story of friendship and entrepreneurship, we delve into their experiences and discover how they have turned their dreams into reality.

Elizabeth arrived in the United States at the age of three and grew up in California. Meanwhile, Gladys landed on U.S. soil two decades ago at the young age of twenty-two. For both of them, this experience represents a journey of personal growth and invaluable learning, shaping them into mature adults facing life with wisdom. In this regard, Gladys and Elizabeth emphasize one of the values they appreciate most about U.S. citizens: their ability to face challenges as learning opportunities, where falls are not failures but lessons on the path to success.

Their friendship is marked by a unique story when Gladys arrives at Elizabeth’s house to audition as a singer for the group “Tequila Show,” led by Elizabeth’s husband. More than a decade of friendship blossomed from this encounter, and ultimately, their strong bond led them to a new horizon: combining their talents and visions to create “Vip Photobooth Rentals.” This venture is dedicated to renting, recording videos, and taking photos on the well-known 360° cameras for events of all kinds. Their business has been in operation for a year and is constantly growing. The professionalism with which they approach their work is evident, but they also ensure to passionately enjoy what they do. Their services not only create memorable memories but also foster fun and joy at every event.

The message from these entrepreneurs to everyone is clear: never give up and do not hesitate to make decisions when an opportunity presents itself. The entrepreneurial journey is full of valuable lessons and enriching experiences. Gladys and Elizabeth are grateful to be able to make their dreams come true in this country. “Vip Photobooth Rentals” is a testament to how friendship, passion, and determination can turn an idea into a successful business. Furthermore, this story reminds us once again that the American dream is alive and accessible to those willing to strive, learn, and enjoy the journey.

From La Isla Magazine, we invite our dear community to enjoy the services of “Vip Photobooth Rentals”. For more information, visit their website at 

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