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Carolina Rangel: And Her Commitment To The Hispanic Community In The United States

Carolina Rangel: And Her Commitment To The Hispanic Community In The United States

In the months of September and October, we come together to honor and celebrate the influence and contribution of the Hispanic Community in the American social fabric. On this occasion, Isla Magazine is pleased to highlight the inspiring story of a Hispanic woman whose commitment and passion for the well-being of others testify to the transformative power that an individual can have in the lives of many, contributing to the strengthening of society as a whole.

Her name is Carolina Rangel, a Venezuelan who has found her professional passion as an insurance agent. Carolina’s journey to the United States began in 2017, marked by the difficult decision to leave her homeland and start a new life from scratch. Today, she stands out for providing guidance to the Hispanic Community on a topic of vital importance, focusing on educating and guiding her clients in the complex and important world of health insurance in the United States.

Why is accessing health insurance important? Carolina emphasizes the need to educate people about health insurance in the United States. Migrants, in particular, face significant risks if they do not have adequate health insurance, as a medical emergency can become an overwhelming financial burden, given that in this country both healthcare and education are characterized by their high costs.

In addition to highlighting the importance of health insurance, Carolina also addresses another fundamental and somewhat difficult aspect to discuss: final expense and life insurance. These insurances provide an essential solution to face challenges such as repatriation of the body or funeral and cremation expenses. Carolina invites all interested parties to contact her and schedule an appointment to explore insurance options that best suit their needs.

From Isla Magazine, we recommend all our dear readers to contact Carolina Rangel through her Instagram profile 

@agentedeseguros_carolinarangel or by calling the phone number 

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By: Natalia Delgadillo y Camilo Florido

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