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Renegade Paws Rescue: Fostering Hope And Saving Lives

Renegade Paws Rescue: Fostering Hope And Saving Lives

Renegade Paws Rescue is a beacon of hope for furry friends in need, tirelessly working to provide a better life for animals and strengthen the bond between pets and their community. We had the opportunity to speak with Rachel Weymouth, a volunteer, and Jennifer Taylor, the founder and director of Renegade Paws Rescue.

A Genuine Mission

At the heart of Renegade Paws Rescue lies a mission to find loving homes for animals in need within the community. This includes rescuing animals, addressing stray cases, or assisting pet owners who, for various reasons, need to surrender their beloved companions. Through their foster program, a completely volunteer-driven effort, individuals open their homes to these animals, providing them with care and love while the organization covers all expenses, including medical needs.

Wag-O-Ween: a Spooky Celebration in Savannah, GA

Wag-O-Ween, now in its eighteenth year, promises a weekend of delight and fun on October 21st and 22nd from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. This event embodies a “trick-or-treat” spectacle where costumed pets venture through downtown Savannah, stopping at designated local businesses for treat stops. It’s a splendid occasion for pets and their humans to enjoy the festivities, collect treats, and revel in the lively atmosphere. The local business partner helping plan this event is The Hipster Hound.

What truly sets Wag-O-Ween apart is its inclusivity. While primarily aimed at dogs, all pets are welcome, resulting in a collection of charming animals, from cats and chubby pigs to bearded dragons and even goats, all joining in on the fun.

The funds raised help support local animal rescues, community spaying and neutering programs, as well as educational community programs.

$12 – donation per participating pet

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