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Professional Soccer Arrives To Savannah – Get To Know The Hispanic Players Of Savannah Clovers F.C.

Professional Soccer Arrives To Savannah – Get To Know The Hispanic Players Of Savannah Clovers F.C.

Soccer, known as the “beautiful game” in many parts of the world, has been gaining ground and excitement in popularity in the United States. Undoubtedly, this trend is evident in the arrival of world-class players to Major League Soccer, particularly the participation of Lionel Messi with Inter Miami CF. In this commemorative edition of Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate the contributions that Hispanics bring to this diverse country, and specifically, the role they play in Professional Soccer in the United States. Therefore, we had the pleasure of talking with four talented players from the third-division team, the Savannah Clovers FC.

Andrés Sánchez - #15
Andrés Sánchez – #15

Andrés Sánchez’s journey from Caracas, Venezuela, to the playing field of the Savannah Clovers is a testament of perseverance and determination. Andrés arrived in Miami, Florida, at a young age but pursued his studies at the University of Dayton, Ohio, where he began playing soccer. Andrés shared with us the joy he feels playing for the Savannah Clovers, as he has achieved his biggest dream: playing professional soccer on American soil. When asked about his favorite food, Andrés didn’t hesitate to highlight his love for “arepas” and “pabellón,” renowned Venezuelan dishes.

Benjamin Mackay - #22
Benjamin Mackay – #22

Originally from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Benjamin Mackay has traveled a path forged by his passion for soccer. From his early years, he was immersed in the world of soccer, as it’s the most popular sport in his country. After crossing borders and settling in the United States with his family, Benjamin found his place with the Savannah Clovers after completing his studies at Young Harris College, Georgia. With a smile on his face, he shared his love for the “Baleada hondureña,” a dish that reminds him of his place of origin and accompanies him on his journey to soccer success.

Aaron Martínez - #8
Aaron Martínez – #8

Originally from Mexico City, Aaron Martínez is a great player whose passion for soccer led him to move from the mountains of Colorado to the historic lands of Georgia. Aaron tells us that his arrival at the Savannah Clovers has been marked by positive experiences, and his adaptation both on the team and in the community has been very satisfying. When asked about his favorite food, Aaron replied that it’s “tortas al pastor,” a delicious Mexican dish that evokes nostalgia and connects his life in Mexico with his exciting adventure in the United States.

Daniel De Leon - #5
Daniel De Leon – #5

For Daniel De Leon, soccer is not just a sport but a legacy passed down from his family originally from Matamoros, Mexico. Daniel was born and raised in Minnesota and has been playing soccer since he was 3 years old, driven by his father, who is passionate about the sport. After completing his studies in High School and exploring various playing fields from Minnesota to Costa Rica, Daniel found his soccer home with the Savannah Clovers. One aspect that Daniel highlights about this team is the warm support of the fans. He also shared with us his love for “pupusas salvadoreñas,” reflecting his connection with the rich diversity of the Hispanic community.

The Savannah Clovers are not only pursuing victory on the playing field but also the ability to inspire the community and strengthen cultural ties through sports. By coming together as a team and community, they are weaving a narrative of unity and success. For this reason, the message these players want to convey is to attend and support the Savannah Clovers in every match at Memorial Stadium. These young Hispanics are proving that soccer is more than just kicking a ball; it’s an opportunity to build bridges, celebrate diversity, and leave an indelible mark on the history of sports in the United States.

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