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Latino Leaders In The United States

Latino Leaders In The United States

On June 15th, 2023 a large group of leaders gathered in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. A recognition was given to a group of citizens representing Hispanic communities residing in the United States of America, by the House Of Foreign Affairs Committee.

The theme of the Congressional Special Recognition Ceremony was to value community, give thanks for the opportunities that the United States of America has provided, and to continue to build relationships and support worthy causes, to include cases that promote democracy in Latin America.

Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, of Florida’s 27th Congressional District, chaired this impressive event in coordination with Alfred Santamaria, a lider in Miami-Dade County. Both leaders made it a priority to recognize and support diversity.

A Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition was awarded to Alvaro Camilo Florido Perdomo, of La Isla Magazine and LatinXToday, for his work in favor of forging better conditions and communication for Hispanic communities in the United States and internationally. Camilo Florido is a passionate supporter of human rights and democracy. He was also a Colombian senatorial candidate in Colombia’s 2022 election, which gave him the opportunity to strengthen communications and increase his understanding of people’s needs.

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During the ceremony, Camilo was quoted, “we must continue to fight for freedom.” He echoes the sentiment of the importance of Latinos in the United States, but also believes in raising awareness of the importance of democracy in the American countries.  Camilo expressed that now is the time for all Latinos to become engaged and active members of their communities with the power of communication we will build a more United American Continent. 

By: La Isla Magazine

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