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Freedom On Two Wheels – Adventures With ADV.843

Freedom On Two Wheels – Adventures With ADV.843

Imagine a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who share a passion for freedom on two wheels. That’s ADV.843, a club formed in October 2022, with members in Bluffton, Hilton Head, SC, and Savannah, GA. This passionate group, composed of 15 members from different nationalities, including Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, and Venezuela, has come together to explore and conquer the roads of the United States.

Since its formation, ADV.843 has traveled through various states, forging bonds of friendship along the way. With carefully selected routes, they have explored routes in states such as North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina, discovering the diversity and beauty of each destination.

One of the highlights of ADV.843’s adventures has been the incredible camaraderie that has developed among the group members. Each trip has been an opportunity to share joys, experiences, and the excitement of riding together for miles and miles. Luis, Tonny, Yoel, Osman, Fernando, Gerhard, Henry, Walter, Sebastian, Ivan, Jorge, Camilo, Sion, and other motorcyclists have become a close-knit motorcycle family, united by their love for freedom and exploration.

One of the most notable routes they have undertaken so far is the legendary Dragon’s Tail, a 1400 km challenge in three days, with the most challenging part being the 318 curves in just 18 km. With skill and determination, they tackled the winding roads and enjoyed the thrill that only an experience like this can offer. They have also explored the beautiful secondary roads and backroads around Hilton Head Island, enjoying the serenity of nature and discovering hidden places that only true adventurers can find.

They recently visited the Two Wheels of Suche campsite in northern Georgia, a special place for moto-camping. The campsite became their base as they explored the scenic roads of the area. Following their tradition of avoiding highways, they took the backroads and discovered towns they would have never encountered on the highways. They shared stories around the campfire and enjoyed the company of other motorcycle enthusiasts. The trip to the Two Wheels of Suche campsite and the visit to the Stumphouse Tunnel come highly recommended.

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But their spirit of exploration does not stop there. ADV.843 has big plans for the future to visit and explore other states of this great nation. Their desire to discover new routes, experience different cultures, and broaden their horizons on motorcycles is the driving force behind their passion.

By: Tonny Uscategui

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