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Behind The Apron – Cooking Methods

Behind The Apron – Cooking Methods

We begin this wonderful journey by identifying COOKING METHODS, which are techniques used to modify raw foods through the application of heat. There are many foods that require chemical changes to make them more digestible, and there are also foods that can be consumed raw, but cooking makes them more flavorful and appetizing. It alters their appearance, texture, and increases sanitary guarantees by destroying almost all microorganisms.

Among the most commonly used COOKING METHODS, we can highlight:

1. Concentration cooking: 

It involves placing the food to be cooked in a hot medium (fat, water, broth, steam) to better preserve its nutrients (juices, minerals, vitamins) inside the food.

2. Expansion cooking: 

This method consists of cooking foods starting from a cold state, so that the nutrients (juices) of the piece being cooked come out and mix as much as possible with the medium being used (water or juice).

3. Mixed or combined cooking (water and fat): 

This technique combines the previous two methods. First, concentration cooking allows achieving browning of the piece, and then expansion cooking comes into play by adding liquid to moisten the food.

The application of heat to the foods softens, coagulates, swells, or dilutes them, in other words, it modifies their physical and biochemical properties.

Cooking methods develop flavors, soften certain foods, and generally improve them.


José Eliseo Guzmán B.

Profesional en Gastronomía

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