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Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is a very important holiday celebrated all over the world. In the United States, this date is commemorated every year on the second Sunday of May. For the Hispanic community in the United States, the celebration of Mother’s Day has a very special meaning due to the importance given to family in Latin culture. This day represents a perfect opportunity to gather with family, share a meal, strengthen family ties, and express all of our love and gratitude to our mothers. For some people or families, Mother’s Day can be a difficult time, especially for those who do not have the possibility of spending this day with their mother because they do not reside in the same country.

Today, we join this celebration in which mothers are honored for the fundamental role they play in the lives of their children and in family dynamics. Their role as educators, emotional support, and responsible heads of household is crucial for the development and well-being of their children. That is why it is important to recognize and thank the work, love, and dedication that our mothers have given us or continue to give us daily to those of us who still have the fortune of having their presence in our lives.

In this special edition of La Isla Magazine, we want to pay tribute to all the entrepreneurial mothers in our beloved Hispanic community and recognize the fundamental role they play in society. On this occasion, we are pleased to present messages from entrepreneurial mothers who are a source of motivation and inspiration.

Sandra is the owner of “Pupuseria Jireh,” a restaurant located in Garden City that rescues the traditions of Salvadoran cuisine. Sandra has two daughters, who are her pillars and collaborators in her business. For Sandra, courage, strength, and faith are the keys to moving her business forward. 

On the other hand, we spoke with Glencis, the owner of the Venezuelan food truck “El Corazón de la Carne,” and her mother, Maria. For them, the most important thing to keep their business going is patience, perseverance, constancy, community support, and especially love.

We know that many mothers have faced various challenges when starting their own businesses in this country. However, each and every one of them has demonstrated great determination and perseverance that has allowed them to create successful businesses that not only allow them to support their families but also the entire community.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

By: La Isla Magazine

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