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Amigos Cantina

Amigos Cantina

This month we want to honor the memory of a man who was beloved by the lowcountry community, the late Mr. Amigo, Mr. Andrew Farbman, was the creator of Amigos Cantina, who unfortunately passed away a year ago and today we honor his memory.

He liked golf, fishing, and enjoyed spending time with his friends and listening to good music such as Jerry Garcia.

Amigos Cantina is a place where people find a good atmosphere, good food, and drinks. The sauces are made in house, everything is prepared there. That is one of the charms of the place, everything is fresh.

His wife, and today the one who gives life to Mr. Andrew’s legacy, Mrs. Gina Faucette Farbman, opened the doors of the restaurant to tell us a little about the history of this place and her life with her husband.

“My husband Andrew simply loved what he did, loved the people who came, in fact, he spent several years in Santa Barbara, California after college and from there he brought the idea of Amigos Cantina. He opened the first place on Hilton Head 30 years ago and then in Bluffton 22 years ago.”

In April, the most important golf tournament in the region, the RBC Heritage, takes place, and it was at this event on a Sunday afternoon, in front of the Quarter deck, where this couple met, and from that day on they worked together for the rest of Mr. Farbman’s life.

Mrs. Gina is a Real State agent but now she is also in charge of the restaurant along with her daughter who is turning 21.

Mr. Andrew Farbman is remembered for his people skills, his kindness towards customers and employees. For him people mattered, and what a good example he left us because respected human talent is transcendental in the development of any business. He always said a phrase that characterized him “kindness matters, people matter.”

On April 17, 2021, unfortunately, Mr. Andrew Farbman lost his life in an accident where a vehicle hit him on Spanish Wells Road on Hilton Head Island, but his legacy will live on.

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His wife and daughter invite us to keep alive the memory of a man who valued his community very much, which is why they continue to support social issues, foundations, sports, and many areas in which Mr. Farbman liked to help.

“Thank you all for continuing to support the restaurant,” says Mrs. Gina, who awaits you at Amigos Cantina, the legacy that is still alive today.

Don’t forget to visit Amigos Cantina to remember Mr. Andrew Farbman, who left us a great legacy!

By: La Isla Magazine

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