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Popular Female Influencers

Popular Female Influencers

Rachel Griffin Accurso –  Is a  woman who revolutionized the education of our children at an early age. 

Rachel is also a passionate educator and award-winning songwriter. She has a master’s in music education from NYU. She is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in Early  Childhood Education.

She has done many pieces of training and courses in areas such as speech development,  early childhood development, and early intervention. Rachel believes all children are capable, brilliant, and important.  

“Her sweet little boy inspired “Songs for  Littles” and continues to inspire her work every day! She is married to the amazing,

Mr. Aron, AKA HERBIE!” who is an  active part of her channel.”  They also invite other artists who love to educate our children with love and music as much as they do.

Moms say their babies are obsessed with Ms. Rachel, but how could they not be if her YouTube videos are fun and educational? They learn through music,  teach babies sign language, and help with our children’s pronunciation. 

If you have small children and don’t know her channel, we invite you to follow her on youtube “Songs for Littles”.

Sascha Barboza – Better known as Sascha Fitness. She revolutionized the fitness world.

Sascha is from Venezuela and lives in Miami, Florida. She is a Personal Fitness Trainer certified by the ISSA (International Sports Sciences  Association). 

Her degree is in sports nutrition from the Spanish  Federation of Bodybuilding. 

She has a Master’s in Fitness Nutrition. 

Currently, through her social networks, she shares exercise routines, nutrition, tips from different areas such as fashion, makeup,  cooking recipes, things for babies or toddlers, and a bit of her personal and family life.  

Her content is fresh and natural. She  

has always been clear in saying that  

she is on social networks because she  

enjoys it while promoting her own brand,  

which has led her to so many businesses  

successes because she dedicates years  

to each product until she considers that  

the formula is perfect. This has  helped   

her products to be recognized and  

recommended because they are quality  


In an interview with the mayor of Miami,  

Francis Suarez and Sascha shared a great  

the message that today we want to share with  

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our audience. 

“Most important for me, I want to be an  

example for my kids. I want them to look  

at me because I have three girls, so I  

want them to be strong women with great  

self-esteem. I think that example is an  

example for them is very important like  

they never see me talking negatively about  

myself, about other people’s bodies.

I have a very positive relationship with myself, and they see me enjoying healthy food and making them in a creative and yummy way. They don’t associate eating healthy with something boring. I’m not very extreme either.  I  like sweets,  sodas, eat pizza and it’s a balance and they see me enjoying exercise.  They know that when I go and work out, I’m happy and it helps with my stress and  I’m stronger. I don’t talk about being fat or being skinny, I talk about being strong being healthy and not getting sick as much, and having the energy to be with them”.   

You can follow her on Instagram 

@saschafitness or on YouTube.

By: Paula Vanegas

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