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Lowcountry Legal Volunteers

Lowcountry Legal Volunteers

Often, to create access to something, you must clear a path and remove obstacles. At Lowcountry Legal Volunteers, that is the mindset we have when making sure everyone has access to quality legal representation. We are here to help our clients remove the obstacles in their paths and achieve the best possible outcomes.


For over two decades, Lowcountry Legal Volunteers has protected, defended and advocated for those that have struggled in silence for far too long – working on the front-lines and behind the scenes to offer our clients the competent and skilled legal services they deserve. We are here to provide sound counsel and create a pathway to fair representation for all. We are here to help our clients restore order in their lives and those of their children.

Why We’re Here

The consequences for a family in crisis and/or a family without the economic means to secure proper legal counsel are often devastating with generational dysfunction being the result. The absence of fathers, children in chaos and mothers pinned to paths that more often than not lead to only two things – more pain and lack of hope for restoring balance to their family. And, therefore it is these consequences that our team is most committed to helping our clients overcome.

We are here to …

• Listen and make sure we understand what our clients ultimately want to achieve.

offer sound legal advice and guidance to our clients on all matters.

• Help our clients navigate the often overwhelming complexity of the legal system.

• Be absolute in responding to the needs of our clients.

• Help families restore balance.


Because we know a family adrift is a family at risk and that much of this risk can be addressed, softened, and expertly navigated with the help of our team and the legal services we offer.

Our Team

Our leadership, legal team, and volunteers can point to years of demonstrated service – service punctuated by real success and the drive to deliver on our promise – of equal access to justice.

Our primary objective is to provide those without the means to afford adequate counsel with the chance to address and resolve their legal concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible with the best possible outcome.

Anne Caywood, ESQ | Executive Director

Anne is a graduate of the Wake Forest School of Law in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she also received her undergraduate degree from Western Carolina University.

Anne Marie Ugarte, ESQ | Executive Attorney

Anne Marie graduated from Boston College and returned to South Carolina upon graduation to pursue a law degree. Anne Marie is a graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law.

See Also

Icela Bowers | Bilingual Paralegal

Icela Bowers began working in family law in 2013 after graduating from the Technical College of the Lowcountry where she received an Associate’s degree in Applied Science from the Paralegal program. 

Carla Alvarado Duran | Bilingual Paralegal

Carla was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to South Carolina in 2018. She is currently a paralegal student at The Technical College of the Lowcountry Carla.

They are a team of volunteers in favor of the community that provides free legal services on different issues that affect families, such as divorce, domestic violence, and evictions, among others. They work for the community of Beaufort, Jasper, and Hampton Counties.

For 2023 there are several events that cannot be missed. You can visit their website (Spanish and English)


Lowcountry Legal Volunteers

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