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Stories Of Entrepreneurs – United By Love

Stories Of Entrepreneurs – United By Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching and to commemorate it we bring to all of you two stories of entrepreneurs who decided to start their businesses as a couple. The protagonists of these stories are a clear example of how love becomes the basis for achieving one of their greatest goals: starting their own successful business. The lives of these couples reveal to us how personal desires and ambitions can go hand in hand with a successful path in business and love.

Glencys Gandica and Jimmy Rolando Paz

His business venture is called “El corazón de la carne”, a food truck that offers a variety of authentic Venezuelan and Latin flavors. This couple met when Jimmy requested a cleaning service. Glencys was the one who came. They began with a friendship that little by little led to the emergence of a beautiful romance. Glenys and Jimmy have relied on the good and the not-so-good times. It was precisely in the midst of a difficulty that the idea of launching their venture came to be. This difficult moment occurred when Jimmy He had to undergo a heart transplant but they did not have enough resources. Together they decided to start a fundraiser by selling typical Venezuelan food. The money raised was a great success in every way. It allowed  Jimmy to pay for the operation. It could be performed! The demand for their food also was a result of the good reviews they received from the community for the seasoning of their dishes, Glencys and Jimmy were motivated to start a business plan for a restaurant. The “Food truck del sabor”, as it is known in the community, is located at 15 Marsland Rd, Hilton Head Island and they have completely free delivery service in any area of the Island. “El corazón de la carne” has been so successful that today, Glencys and Jimmy, are planning to expand their business to Savannah, Georgia.

Claudia Bermudez And Jorge Londoño 

His business venture is called “Paceros Multiservice”, a company that delivers to Colombia and sells products or, as it is popularly known, Colombian snacks. 

Claudia and Jorge met in Medellín, Colombia at the age of fifteen and a beautiful love story was born that is reflected today in their 28-year relationship.

They arrived in the United States seven years ago and, after working hard in various trades, they decided to start a venture that today materializes in “Parceros Multiservices”. 

Their home is established in St. Augustine, Florida, however, they are constantly on the move as their shipping company makes a long journey along Route 95 through different cities such as Savannah, Pooler, and Hilton Head. 

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For them, the biggest challenge has been the logistics of road transport due to the long distances they have to cover and which involve several hours of driving. For Claudia and Jorge this has been a beautiful experience because it has not only allowed them to get to know different places and people, but it has also made their business known through word of mouth and is now well recognized throughout Florida.

We are very pleased to bring you stories from our Hispanic community because for us they are a source of inspiration. We invite you to support the endeavors of these super-powerful couples.

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