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Behind A Good Cut, There Is A Barber With Attitude And Lots Of Passion

Behind A Good Cut, There Is A Barber With Attitude And Lots Of Passion

We want to share with all our dear readers a life story that undoubtedly motivates and inspires us to embark on this new stage of the year with much optimism. At Isla Magazine we do not stop following the trail of those life experiences of our beloved Hispanic Community that shows us that in this country many have made all their dreams come true.

His name is Alexis Muñoz and he arrived in the United States filled with great motivation and the best attitude to face each challenge in his new life. 

The dream of undertaking this trip was forged in his native Venezuela where he managed to get ahead performing in different jobs and trades. However, he knew that in order to have better opportunities he had to leave his beloved country due to the social difficulties faced there. 

Alexis has been in the United States for a year and everything has been excellent for him. The first city he arrived at was Orlando, where a Colombian friend received him and provided him with the greatest possible accompaniment and support in his settlement process. Then he moved and finally came to Hilton Head.

In the beginning, Alexis worked various jobs and trades to finally dedicate himself to his great passion: barbering. With special affection, Alexis remembers that with the first check he received at his first job in Hilton Head, he bought his first barbershop machines. And at home, he began to do hair for co-workers and practice with them. Also, he offered his services free of charge to youth and children in the community who had no money. Little by little, people got to know him for the social work he carried out and also because he offered his services at his home at a very low cost: only 1 dollar per cut. After a lot of effort, the doors were opening for Alexis as he was able to get the license to start his business in the great art of barbershops.

Alexis thanks the entire support network of the Hispanic and Latino community that has believed in his talent and also all the friends who accompany him with the best disposition to encourage him to fulfill his dreams. Those who want to access Alexis’s services can find him at “The Cut Barbershop” in Pooler, Georgia from Monday to Wednesday from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm.

– Alexis & Lisette

“”Besides any great man, there is always a great woman”

Lisette Do is the CEO of Agenda Latina and director of marketing for the Latino community of Stokes Toyota Hilton Head, she stands out for being a volunteer, ambassador, and part of the board of directors of several local organizations in our community, a very active citizen with a big heart and always has the desire to help.

“Alexis and I have agreed that we are meant for each other, we believe so much in our perfect union that we take care of our relationship second by second so that it is consolidated under solid criteria and foundations. We like to study topics related to healthy relationships and how to make our lives happier together.

We met at a place in downtown Savannah where Alexis went for the first and almost the last time (hahaha), I used to go more often, but we both agreed that some environments should be avoided if we want our relationship to persevere harmoniously over time. He sang vallenatos to me all the way from the exit of the site to my car, he accompanied me like a gentleman by walking me to my car.

It was a super funny story, his face didn’t seem familiar to me and since I’m famous for knowing half the world, especially in the Savannah area, however, even though I saw it, it didn’t attract my attention much, a friend told me that she wanted to dance with him and that’s when I asked him if he wanted to dance with my friend and he answered me: I want to dance with you, the one I like is you. I was left cold, this young man was very determined and to tell the truth, he danced very well!

After that, we talked and saw each other for about three weeks and he told me: “I’m going to make you fall in love, do you want to be my girlfriend?” It’s all been laughs from the moment I met him.

I am very grateful to God and life for allowing me to meet him and I can only tell you that I feel great admiration for him, he is a hard-working man who wants to exceed his own expectations, very positive, and a poet in love. We have many things in common and I admire his entrepreneurship and professionalism – his high desire to do things better and invest in his profession (both in education and in work tools), he is a great barber and with his work, he continues to demonstrate it.

I also want to tell you that just because of the faith we have in our relationship and because we are both believers in our creator…! we are already married!

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Yes… and through the pages of La Isla Magazine, we want to make it public.

Alexis wanted to honor me when we made the decision to live together and on 11/11/22 we decided to unite our lives forever. Only he and I were present.

So to all of the Lowcountry, Savannah Metro, and the world around us who know us through these pages, we are officially husband and wife, and we trust and want to be until death do us part.”

On March 25 we are going to celebrate our union, we invite our friends and followers to share this moment with us through our social networks.

Message from Alexis to Lisette

“I thank you for having come into my life, for our married union, for learning to cope in good times and in bad, for all things thank you. I love her, I love her and I adore her and I want her for life.”

By: La Isla Magazine

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