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Live With Intention

Live With Intention

Do you know how to coordinate your work schedule based on emotional intention?

It is a very effective way that I use to prepare myself for work especially when I have to combat a previous mentality. This helps me shift to a special tone to withstand any challenging situation or overcome the weekly wear and tear that working on each of my work and personal projects requires.

Creating an affirmation is enough to help you connect with an emotion or even quote a famous phrase, that allows you to connect with the energy that you want to imprint on that specific day, week, month, or task, which you know is a real challenge for you. you.

Affirmations help us to overthrow our internal self-sabotage, because, just as we exercise to keep our bodies in shape, we must also strengthen our minds thanks to brain neuroplasticity, by creating new neural connections, which will allow us to generate new thinking alternatives.

To help you, I want to share with you three very simple steps that will allow you to establish an intention in each of the tasks and objectives that you have proposed in your notebook.

1. Make them personal.

Whether you like to meditate or simply walk through a park, I invite you to disconnect for a moment from technology and immerse yourself for a while. There is no need to think too much, just feel and connect with you, so that in this way; know with what emotion to face the challenges to come.

2. Make them visible.

The best way to put an affirmation into practice is by always keeping it in mind. I recommend that you write it in a post-it or your own dream board, so that it is always visible before you, and in this way, you keep in mind the emotion with which you engage when saying that phrase.

3. Do them at the beginning and end of your day.

Both our awakening and our hour of rest are unique moments in which we can do something valuable for ourselves.

A good way to start the day is by thanking our blessings, and reading or remembering our intentional phrase of the day. In the same way, when you go to sleep, recap everything you have experienced, and if it helped you deal with everything.

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Of course, don’t feel bad when things don’t turn out the way you thought, because you can’t always control what happens to us, but the way we look at them can.

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