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Start Fresh In 2023 – With So Fit Gym

Start Fresh In 2023 – With So Fit Gym

It is the start of 2023…let’s talk about overcoming barriers.  Barriers are objects like fences or other obstacles that prevent someone’s movement or access.  As adults, we have physical barriers that may prevent us from attending at the gym whether the barrier may be time, not sure what exercises to do, concern about injuring ourselves, what to do with our children, or maybe a language barrier. As the Latino Community has grown here in the United States, there is a need for Spanish-speaking individuals who are able to work in all businesses that can translate for our Latino Community.

Here at So Fit Gym in Pooler, we have strived to remove most barriers in our Hispanic/Latino community.  

• We have a bilingual member representative who is on staff with us full-time and is available via our Spanish mobile device.  

• So Fit Gym is children-friendly and we allow children to be in the gym with their parents (parents must supervise). 

• Most of our So Fit Gym memberships have now been translated into Spanish and are available either in person or at under our Hispanic tab that has been translated into Spanish.  

• Our machines all have a QR code on them to “show” those who may be uncertain about how to use the machine, the movement of each machine along with what body part each machine will work.    

• So Fit Gym has the ability to offer written workouts, for an extra fee, that our bilingual member representative can translate into Spanish and will work as a liaison between yourself and the personal trainer who wrote the workout.  

• So Fit Gym offers an assortment of memberships designed to meet all budgets.  We do not charge an enrollment fee, annual maintenance fee, or cancellation fee.  We offer small packages for classes, month-only memberships, and week passes.  So Fit Gym is a 24-hour gym that is available seven days a week to members.  So Fit Gym has cardio equipment, free weights, dumbbells, and weighted machines.  

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For more information about So Fit Gym, please visit our website at or call 912.347.3649 or stop by and take a tour during staffed at hours. So Fit Gym is located at 1212 US Hwy 80E, Suite 100, Pooler, GA 31322 next to the Cricket Store.

By: Gianellys Ruiz

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