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Argentina – World Champions

Argentina – World Champions

On December 18, the mythical Argentine team raised the cup again as world champion with its Captain Lionel Messi in Qatar, closing with a huge win for the American continent this 2022.

36 years ago, Diego Maradona did it in 1986 in the World Cup that took place in Mexico, but before this great team had already made history.

The player known as the Matador – Mario Alberto Kempes for the first time led Argentina to be world champions in that world cup that took place in the same land of Patagonia, tango, good meat and mate, Argentina in 1978.

This victory is not only great for this beautiful country, but also for the entire Americas where the World Cup returns as a sign of great soccer, a sport that unites passions and literally the entire world.

The great protagonist of this story is called Lionel Messi, whom we call Captain America, this is his story and the name of the Players who played in the final against France, a great final that will be remembered for life:

Argentina did not have an easy path to winning their third world cup.

The Argentine team led by Lionel Scaloni suffered from the beginning, starting with a 2-1 defeat against Saudi Arabia, but ended with the biggest prize at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, finally reaching the long-awaited third star after a heart-stopping final against France finished 3-3 in the 120 minutes played and finally a 4-2 victory for Argentina on penalties.

Lionel Messi’s great dream came true in 2005 when he put on the Argentina shirt for the first time, and his debut lasted 47 seconds, against Hungary because he was given a red card from the start for an elbow that years later the referee said was.a mistake probably a yellow card.

His first World Cup was in Germany 2006 being the youngest player in the tournament at the age of 18, then he participated in South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, Russia 2018 and what apparently was his last as a player Qatar 2022, the captain of Argentina has played 26 World Cup matches which is a historical record and has scored 13 goals.


7 Goals scored in Qatar 2022.

13 Goals in World Cups.

98 Goals with the Argentina team.

26 matches in world cups.

2,284 minutes played in World Cups.

17 victories in world cups.

2 Ballon d’Ors in World Cups (Brazil 2014 and Qatar 2022)

His favorite food is Milanese Neapolitan prepared by his mother.

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Family: his wife Antonella Rocusso his 3 children Thiago-Mateo and Ciro

He has a clothing brand that bears his last name Messi

YouTube: @leomessi

Instagram: @leomessi


Today his salary reaches about $42 million dollars a month, which includes his profession as a soccer player plus marketing contracts, one of the main ones with the Adidas brand. 

By: Camilo Florido


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