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January And New Year’s Resolutions

January And New Year’s Resolutions

The month of January was important to the ancient Romans because it was the month consecrated to the god Janus (which means January in Latin). Janus was the two-faced god, of beginnings and endings, of looking “forwards and backward.”

Currently, January is the month when the New Year’s resolutions begin, such as going to the gym, dieting, saving, and starting new things, in order to improve the quality of life.

However, some of the resolutions are postponed as time passes, the year ends and they become the resolutions for the following year again. 

What can be the root cause of this? Mainly, the motivation and sensation generated by that dream and achieving that goal. Sometimes it happens that the goal is fulfilled, but the emotion that we imagined would come is not felt and that happens because it was not really what the soul longed for.

For this reason, I invite you to reflect on your goals this January and take the time to write next to it, what emotion it generates for you to imagine if that goal is met and with that same energy, develop an achievable plan to carry it out.

Every morning when you wake up, verbally state how you want to feel that day and start your activities, at the end of the day give thanks for 3 things that have happened to you during the day, you will see that your days are going to have a different energy.

La Isla Magazine team wishes you a great year full of learning and, above all, gratitude for the simple things in life. 

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By: Paula Vanegas

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