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Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

“Another year left behind

thousand moments to remember

Another year, a thousand more dreams come

true” – A Christmas Song

One of the most anticipated months of the year has arrived, for Latinos, it evokes joy and happiness. A certain flavor that characterizes us. We decorate our homes, we meet with family or friends who become family, remember the good times we lived in our countries of origin and create new memories. We bring a bit of our culture to this new home, where we enjoy the mix of traditions and learn a new way to enjoy these holidays. 

And although we see with nostalgia that the year passed very quickly, we are ready for the challenges that come, to continue working on our dreams, to enjoy this life that is one, to share with our own. 

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Sometimes in the midst of so many occupations or problems, we forget the beautiful things we have experienced, so I want to propose a challenge to you in these 31 remaining days of the year, “the Christmas challenge” which consists of thanking you for something that happened to you that day or in past months. Write it down on a small piece of paper and add it to a jar or vase. On December 31, take a moment to read each of the papers and you will see how beautiful it feels to see life in gratitude, to remember beautiful moments. You can continue doing this exercise daily as part of your routine. 

Finally, on behalf of the La Isla Magazine team, we want to thank all our readers, followers on social networks and attendees of our festivals for their loyalty and love. We wish them a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

– By: Paula Vanegas

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