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Cooking Large Dinners

Cooking Large Dinners

Getting ready to prepare a big meal?  Safety in the kitchen is important, especially on holidays when there are many people in your home. 

Make sure your oven and stove are clean.  Keep dish towels and pot holders away from the stove. Turn pot handles in away from a child’s reach. In the case of a grease fire – never throw water – that will only make it worse! Instead, cover the pan with a lid to smother it and turn off the heat on the stove. 

When cooking, do not wear clothing with loose sleeves or dangling jewelry.  The clothing can catch on fire and the jewelry can catch on pot handles, causing spills and burns. Keep children 3 feet away from the stove/oven. 

Always keep your eye on cooking food – don’t leave the kitchen while you are cooking.

If you are cooking outside and using a turkey fryer, remember to use it only outside!  A safe distance from buildings or anything else that can burn is 10 feet.  Never use it on wooden decks or in garages.

Keep fryers on a flat surface. Always stay by the fryer when you are using it –  most units do not have thermostat controls.  The oil could end up heating until it catches fire.

Never let children or pets come near the fryer when it is in use.  Even hours after use, the oil can remain dangerously hot. Use well-insulated potholders or oven mitts when touching pot or lid handles. 

Be careful with marinades.  Oil and water don’t mix and water can cause oil to spill over, which can cause a fire or even an explosion.  

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Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and know how to use it.

By: Cinda Seamon, Fire & Life Safety Educator

Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue

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