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6 Restrictions In The 2022 World Cup Qatar

6 Restrictions In The 2022 World Cup Qatar


1.) Prohibited Street Celebrations And Alcohol Consumption On Public Roads

World Cup attendees will not be able to celebrate or drink alcoholic beverages on the street, local authorities have been emphatic in saying that those who violate this policy will have to face stiff fines.

2.) Limitations On The Way Of Dressing

To enter the different spaces in Qatar, people must cover their shoulders and knees. In the case of women, they cannot wear short dresses or have plunging necklines. 

3.) Expressions Of Love And Affection 

Are prohibited even if it is an established marriage, 

they cannot show affection.

Likewise, Nasser Al Khater said that there is no problem that people from the LGBT+ community, but cannot show affection, “Qatar is a conservative country and public displays of affection are frowned upon regardless of the sexual orientation”. 

4.) Ban On Extramarital Sex

People who have sex outside of marriage will be penalized, said Nasser Al-Khater CEO of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 “There will be no one-night stands during the World Cup in Qatar.”  This includes members of the participating teams and tourists.

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5.) Banning Littering In The Street

Significant fines will be generated for those who litter in public spaces.

6.) Religious Books or Pornography Prohibited

No tourist may bring religious books or pornography into Qatar, or it will be confiscated and he or she will have to bear the consequences imposed by law.


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