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Salvation Army Savannah – Volunteer Army Fighting For A Better World

Salvation Army Savannah – Volunteer Army Fighting For A Better World

The United States is characterized by the philanthropic, generous, and kind attitude of its citizens. The commitment that Americans have to the charities that exist throughout the country is absolutely admirable. In this special edition, we had the opportunity to learn about the beautiful work that the renowned Salvation Army organization carries out in its activity center in Savannah, Georgia. 

We thank the Director of Operations, Rob Williams, and the person in charge of the food bank, Amber Schmitt, for giving us this valuable interview and for inviting our beloved Hispanic Community to be part of the programs offered. Rob and Amber remind us that one can find a welcoming and safe space, as well as offer some services in Spanish. The Salvation Army Volunteer Army is willing to provide social assistance and charitable services to all members of the community. Today we will tell you about some of these programs so that you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this great activity center. 


• Recreational and Educational Activities for Children and Youth 

Salvation Army provides childcare, music lessons, and homework assistance for children and youth who require care and attention before or after school hours. The goal of this program is to enrich the lives of children and youth so they can continue to learn and grow while having fun, making new friends, and creating memories.

• Computer Lab: 

This space provides academic support and homework assistance for children and youth who do not have access to computers or the Internet at home. This is also a space that can be used by adults who need access to the internet for any need. 

• Gymnasium and Recreational Park: 

This sports space has been remodeled and fully adapted for children and young people to receive basketball, volleyball, pickleball classes or simply to have fun. Likewise, the space offers an open court available at two times: Thursday pickleball from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and Friday afternoon basketball.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAM: Salvation Army offers a 6-month program at no cost to men and women in need of rehabilitation. The objective of this program is for the community to come to this safe space and have the opportunity to enrich their lives, improving their mental and physical well-being through great spiritual and emotional work.


In these stores you can find second-hand furniture, clothing, toys and decorations at affordable prices. The Salvation Army takes advantage of the resources obtained in these stores to re-invest them in its facilities and programs. 


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The Salvation Army is willing to offer groceries at no cost to those who cannot afford to feed themselves. Their service is available in Spanish speaking every Tuesday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. 

We hope that this information will be helpful to all our readers. Likewise, we invite you to support the Salvation Army so that more programs and projects can be created for the benefit of the community. If you require more information, you can call 

(912) 272-4240.

3000 Bee Rd, Savannah, GA 31404

To see the full interview, you can enter our YouTube channel and our website

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