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Grilling Safety

Grilling Safety

Today more and more people are grilling and cooking outside.  

When you are grilling, wear a heavy apron and an oven mitt to protect yourself. Use grilling tools that have long handles.  Do not lean over the grill when starting it or while cooking.  Once you start cooking, do not leave the grill, especially when children are around.


When you use charcoal or wood chunks, stack them in a pyramid.  Use only lighter fluid – never gasoline or kerosene.   If you are using instant light briquets, you will not need any lighter fluid.  When you are finished grilling, let the coals or wood burn out completely and let the ashes cool for 48 hours before you get rid of them. 


When you connect a propane tank, your grill must be outside in an open space.  If you are not using your grill make sure it is turned to OFF.   Never connect or disconnect a tank while the grill is being used.  If your propane tank has any bulges, dents, rust, or other kinds of damage, do not use it!  Check the hoses for leaks and wear and tear.  Replace hoses if needed. 


Make sure the cord is not damaged or frayed.  When you are not using the grill, make sure it is unplugged.  Before you plug the grill in or unplug it, make sure the control knob is OFF.  Do not use an electric grill in the rain.   

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Remember grills are for outdoor use only.  If you grill in a closed area such as a garage or tent, carbon monoxide could build up and kill you so make sure your grill is in an open space.  Keep grills away from bushes, trees, and dry leaves.   Never try to move a grill while it is still hot ~ let it cool completely.  

Cinda Seamon

Fire & Life Safety Educator

Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue

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