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Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

A few days ago the story of a little boy who asked his idol Roger Federer to keep playing for the next nine years so he could compete in tennis with him went viral. Then the video jumps to the present with Federer surprising the now-teenage Zizou and proving that it is impossible not to be moved by that dream come true. 

Well, today I want to share a story with a similar ending. 

Once upon a time, there was a young Cuban migrant who lived in Canada and worked as a waiter. His life was not going very well because (although he had learned to speak the language from scratch) he did not see many opportunities to emerge and develop his career in Communication, which was what he was truly passionate about. 

One day (early 2000) I was watching an Oprah Winfrey TV show and a man appeared in the commercial breaks offering the opportunity to change your life through a course (on CD and VHS tapes) on personal power and self-help.

To tell the truth, the young waiter did not have the amount of what the course cost to buy it (deviating from his budget would mean taking away from the rent money for that month), however, he made a great effort and acquired it.

Thus began his path of expansion of consciousness in which, to make a long story short, he not only managed to return to work in the media, move to another country and start a career in the world of training for thousands of people but in September of this year, (like little Zizou) he will share the stage with Tony Robbins on September 22 in Mexico City in front of more than 14 thousand people at Exma Fearless Mind. 

Today’s message is that you never stop dreaming because life always surprises us by showing us that everything we believe in, as long as it fits in our mind, it fits in our life. 

Just as little Zizou dreamed of it, worked, and achieved it, young Ismael is also about to make a dream come true. So, are you going to let your longing for change fade away because you think it’s too hard or it’s only possible for others? Think again! 

Everything is possible when we have our minds open, more flexible, and more attentive to the here and now.  

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