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Back To School – Tips For A Successful Return To School Season

Back To School – Tips For A Successful Return To School Season

After a fruitful summer break, the period of preparation for going back to school can cause mixed emotions in parents, children, and adolescents. Perhaps many of you are excited to return to your school and meet again with friends and teachers. On the other hand, some may also experience anxiety and uncertainty about the experiences, challenges, and responsibilities they will take on during the new school year. Today we give all the parents of our beloved community 5 tips for a successful return to school for their children. 

1. Talk to your child: 

Your child may have a lot of feelings about starting a new school year, so it’s essential to let him know that you’re open to his concerns. In this way, you will create a relationship of trust so that your child comes to you in the face of any adversity or situation that arises at school.  

2. Routine planning: 

It is important to readjust the dynamics around sleep and the use of electronic devices to establish nighttime routines that allow your child to regulate their sleep. Likewise, it is essential to develop morning routines: time to get up, breakfast routine, etc. Remember that this will greatly affect their focus, concentration, and mood.  

3. Make a list of essential school supplies: 

Review in advance the supplies and other items that your child will need so that he can carry out all his school activities effectively. 

4. Report your child’s medical conditions: 

Contact the school and let them know about any medical conditions your child may have, including any medications they may need to take or how to act in an emergency. 

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5. Meal Planning: 

Put together a nutritious and delicious meal plan for your child. Remember that a balanced diet will support their learning process.

 Happy back to class!

By: Natalia Delgadillo

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