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Lynden Zuniga – Building The American Dream

Lynden Zuniga – Building The American Dream

On the occasion of the national holiday that we will celebrate in the coming days, we want to pay tribute to the entire Latino community that resides in the United States and that has undoubtedly made a great contribution to the development, progress, and multiculturalism of our country. We know that the process of settling in the United States is not entirely easy, however, we applaud the efforts that each one has made to fulfill big dreams. In this special edition, we bring you the life stories of Lynden Zuniga, a Honduran chef, and Kattia Chaves, a Costa Rican teacher, two Latino migrants who through hard work have fulfilled their dreams in this country and who today, as a result of their efforts, have managed to obtain the American citizenship. 

Lynden Zuniga

He arrived in the United States more than 20 years ago, a country that gave him the opportunity to settle down and fulfill a great dream: to be an entrepreneur and pursue his lifelong passion for cooking.

 Lynden tells us that one Sunday he looked for a place where he could enjoy some margaritas and taste a Latin dish with his wife. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a place that offered what they were looking for, so a great idea arose: to open their own business. Thus was born Tio’s Latin American Kitchen, a fun restaurant that allows Lynden to make people happy. Chef Lynden Zuniga is a great example of how Latinos have made their way and space in a country of freedom that opens opportunities to the world and how, with dedication and effort, dreams and goals can be fulfilled. 

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In addition to this, Lynden has also had the opportunity to obtain American citizenship, which undoubtedly brings great benefits to him, his wife, and children. His restaurants are located on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton. 

We recommend you visit Tio’s Latin American Kitchen and let yourself be captivated by a space that reflects Latin culture and try its star dish: pasta with seafood.

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