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Recommendations For Summer Vacation – Travel First Aid Kit

Recommendations For Summer Vacation – Travel First Aid Kit

1. Always carry something for fever, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen, follow the dosing given by your pediatrician.

2. Use ear plugs if you are going to be in the pool or in the sea, this way we will avoid infection. You should always dry your ears well after swimming and if they are painful, there are some drops for the ears called panotil b.

3. Take something for the cough, in all pharmacies, there are syrups according to the age of your child, you can buy one and have it in your suitcase. It will be very useful to you.

4. For sore throats, ibuprofen and acetaminophen will help with irritation, but there are also anesthetic sprays that can help with this symptom; in older children, there are pills like mebocaine. Always drink cold liquids, they help soothe the pain in the throat.

5. For skin burns, use sun protection, above the sun protection factor of 15. But if sunburn occurs, take aloe vera, that will help us to restore the skin a little.

6. Allergies. Carry an antiallergic, always. Children can wake up with watery eyes with nasal congestion, and their throats are sore, which can be another allergy symptom. Loratadine, and cetirizine, are an example of the many that can be used.

7. Skin scrapes, skin wounds. Hydrogen peroxide to clean, I recommend you take Neosporin to avoid skin infection. Take an antibiotic cream to avoid skin infections.

8. Marisol or Dramamine can help so that children do not get dizzy or have seasickness. If you experience vomiting, consult your pediatrician.

9. Never forget to bring band-aids, gauze, and cotton for cleaning your children’s injuries.   

10. Those who travel with babies should pack enough diapers, it’s very important, and always carry the zinc oxide cream to avoid diaper rash, which is also very important. If they have access to nystatin cream it is also helpful because not all dermatitis is caused by urine or by poop, because there may be fungus, and nystatin (antifungal)cream can help

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11. When diarrhea attacks children, then…. It’s very important to stay hydrated. Always have Pedialyte on hand, coconut water is a good resource, water, nothing that has sugar like Gatorade, soda, soft drinks… that is useless.

12. Finally, pack probiotics for children. 

– By: Dr. Daniel Jaramillo

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