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Interview With – Chuchi Diamond

Interview With – Chuchi Diamond

Today our great guest is the Cuban Jesús better known as Chuchi Diamond,

the new revelation of the urban music genre.

Chuchi Diamond: Thank you very much, I am Jesús Campos Rodríguez, from Havana Cuba.

La Isla Magazine: How did you leave Cuba?

Chuchi Diamond:  Through an invitation letter because I played baseball, that’s how I got to Miami where my family is. About two years ago I moved to Hilton Head, to this paradise.

I came to Hilton Head through a friend from Cuba who lived here several years before, I tried living here and I liked the island.

Chuchi Diamond

La Isla Magazine: Why CHUCHI DIAMOND?

Chuchi Diamond:  Chuchi is for “Jesus”, in my country Cuba they use nicknames.

Diamond, it is because my cousin Serrano put it on me and I liked it since the diamond goes through many sacrifices to be a diamond.

La Isla Magazine:  What genre do you consider your music to be?

Chuchi Diamond: My music is a fusion.

La Isla Magazine:  Where does the love for music come from?

Chuchi Diamond: Cubans listen to music all the time, when you’re

little your family plays Celia Cruz, Sonora Dinamita, and Charlie Zaa. In the neighborhood other boys also had the dream of singing and we made a song, recorded it, and from there on,  we continued with the history of music.

In Cuba, there is not much internet and at that time even less, so music was shared

with USB from neighbor to neighbor, and that is how one of our songs began to

become popular in several neighborhoods. In this way, many reggaeton artists became


La Isla Magazine:  You are releasing the video clip “Guarantee”, tell us what the

the song is about.

Chuchi Diamond: It’s about love, it’s giving a person a guarantee that you’re going to treat them well, be with them and make them happy.

La Isla Magazine:  Based on your experience, to achieve your goals, what must be done?

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Chuchi Diamond:  One must make an effort, but the maximum of oneself to meet the goal and work hard. For example, in the world of music, you have to work a lot to

be able to have a song hit, there are a lot of sacrifices.

La Isla Magazine:  Sometimes we do not see the effort and the process behind success because we want to reach our goal quickly.

Chuchi Diamond: Yes, and sometimes it happens that we see the result and criticize it, without knowing the process, or what happened behind the scenes. 

La Isla Magazine:  What message do you leave to the Hispanic community?

Chuchi Diamond: Keep Moving Forward my people, every beginning is difficult, but everything comes out. God squeezes but does not suffocate, so let’s fight, have fun, have a good time, and live in peace.

And from Cuba, that it changes and that the Castros release power, I want a free Cuba.

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