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Boat Security

Boat Security

If you are on a boat this summer, make sure there is a life jacket for everyone. Children should keep them on at all times. 

Here are a few other items good to have onboard:

• A flashlight – that way other boats can see you if the weather turns bad.  You can also use it to signal in the dark. 

• An anchor and anchor line.

• A bucket can bail out any water that gets in the boat.

• A first aid kit is a must!

• Two ropes (lines). You can use them to tie up the boat and also to help a person overboard get back to and in the boat. 

• Big garbage bags can serve as a rain poncho in a pinch or you can make a “tent” over your boat to protect you in a rainstorm. 

• Sunscreen and bug spray.

See Also

• A toolkit.

Be prepared so you can make it a safe and enjoyable boating season!

By: Cinda Seamon

Fire & Life Safety Educator, HHI Fire Rescue 

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