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Mother’s Day Special – Experience Of A Migrant Mother

Mother’s Day Special – Experience Of A Migrant Mother

Her name is Maria Eugenia, an admirable Venezuelan woman who came to the United States more than 6 years ago with her husband, with whom she has a beautiful home with 3 children, and today she shares with us her experiences as a migrant mother. On this Mother’s Day special, we want to praise the role that Maria Eugenia and many migrant mothers play in their homes and in our beloved Hispanic Community.

La Isla Magazine. Why did you decide to live in Hilton Head?

Maria Eugenia. A/ We decided to come here because from my husband’s first visit to Hilton Head, he found job opportunities and a quiet life that can’t be compared to the constant stress of Miami. 

La Isla Magazine. We want to congratulate you on your three children. How has your experience as a mother been? 

Maria Eugenia. A/ I don’t have much to complain about, it’s a dream come true, I can’t say it’s easy, but it’s an indescribable joy and happiness that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

La Isla Magazine. What does it mean to you to be a migrant mother?

Maria Eugenia. A/ Migrating is not easy and if we add to that the lives that depend on one, everything becomes a little more difficult. If you are not brave you learn to be brave in this new country. This is something that makes you constantly think about everything that implies not living on your land, close to your family and affections. Being a migrant mother has some gray days and others sunny, always waiting for something to happen, but with the certainty and faith that one way or another we can solve any situation.

La Isla Magazine. How is the access to health services for both your children and yours? 

Maria Eugenia. A/ I haven’t had much luck with regard to health. In my first pregnancy it was very complicated because I did not have insurance, in addition to the whole situation presented by COVID. Regarding my son, medical assistance has been a little better. I feel that in this region health coverage is not very good at all. Now that I am in my second pregnancy I already have insurance, so everything has been more bearable and effective, thank God. However, it still bothers me to not have access to a family doctor or personal physician as in our countries. 

La Isla Magazine. How was the birth experience? 

Maria Eugenia. A/ Normal, since in the cities of Hilton Head and Bluffton hospitals are not highly recommended for giving birth. It is preferable to travel to Beaufort or Savannah, but these places are more than an hour from my place of residence. The doctor who was supposed to attend to my delivery did not arrive, so a doctor who was on duty attended me. In the hospital they did their job, helping me with labor. Unfortunately, after more than twelve hours, I couldn’t give birth because my baby was too big and got stuck so, to avoid risks, I had a cesarean section. During the process, my husband, the baby, and I were always alone, since, due to the pandemic, we were unable to have visitors or help. Now we are waiting to see how this second birth goes, trusting in God that everything goes well, since this pregnancy was checked out in Savannah at the high-risk hospital and so far everything has been excellent.

La Isla Magazine. Raising our children in the United States can be an arduous task, especially when our families live in another country, how has your experience been? 

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Maria Eugenia. A/ That’s right, it is a very difficult task to have children away from the family, since you do not have someone to collaborate or help you, you play alone. Thank God, in my case I have not had any problems so far, my husband goes to work and I am in charge of my son. However, now with twins about to be born, things have become more difficult. Fortunately, I have the help of my mother. 

La Isla Magazine. Finally, what message do you leave for the migrant women in our community who are soon going to give birth?

Maria Eugenia. A/ That they trust in God, that they look for a hospital for the care of the pregnancy where both they and the baby feel safe. I also want to tell you that with all the difficulties that may arise, there is always a good soul to guide us or a friendly hand to encourage us to continue. The greatest reward is that little person who comes through us and changes our lives. Something I can tell you is that I have been lucky enough to connect with our local Pregnancy Center and they have treated my pregnancies at low cost and with a very humane staff. They have helped me with diapers, baby wipes, clothes, food, among others. I also thank Fundación PASOs because they helped me get the crib and the child seat for the car. Your team is very friendly. I am very grateful to both institutions

La Isla Magazine. Thank you very much for this interview Maria Eugenia, we wish you a happy Mother’s Day. 

– By: La Isla Magazine

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