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Francy Johannan – Interview

Francy Johannan – Interview



Francy Johannan

What do you do for a living?
I am a Spanish and ESOL teacher serving students from Kindergarten to 12th grade.
Why The Lowcountry?
I was previously in a Dual Immersion program in North Carolina and cupid knocked on my door in my second year working there. My husband and I made the decision to be closer to my beloved in-laws, closer to the family, and coming to the island became a reality. This place is a little paradise.

What does the Hispanic culture mean to you?

For me, the Hispanic culture is synonymous with history, oral tradition, strength, perseverance, tenacity, drums, green meadows, and emerald color; as well as the smell of coffee and molasses. I think that we are a culture with beautiful nuances that are sometimes sadly tarnished by forgetfulness and the lack of protection towards our ancestors, towards our roots, and therefore towards “Pacha Mamá”. We are Hispanic and multi-ethnic groups rooted in corn and gold where national and international achievements at the scientific, academic, cultural, and artistic levels have been a flag. We are a sensitive group, but made of iron and built to last!

Why have you been promoting your culture?

Promuevo nuestra cultura porque soy colombiana y al ser docente, mis estudiantes I promote our culture because I am Colombian and being a teacher, my students inspire me to share through teaching Spanish. I believe that I owe sharing myself to the Hispanics and to honor my culture, and I owe myself to the human race and to the principle that every man is born good. -Rousseau-

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Message to Hispanic women:

I invite all women to continue developing the talents that we have been given and to allow ourselves time and time again to remind ourselves that everything is possible when we work at it. Women are life-givers and this is a great responsibility to the world and to society. 

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