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Multicultural Love – The Story Of Corey And Sabrina

Multicultural Love – The Story Of Corey And Sabrina


Valentine’s Day is approaching and to commemorate it, we want to share an admirable love story between an American and a Mexican, where cultural differences have not been an impediment to building a beautiful home and an excellent family team. 

They are Corey and Sabrina. They met in a very casual and unexpected way; Corey, who worked at the Bluffton Police Department, came to cover a police report of a car accident Sabrina had been involved in. Thus, they began a love relationship that was strengthened despite the challenges they faced because of their marked cultural traditions, which at the beginning generated some discomfort and inconvenience. Corey and Sabrina made a home in the American Lowcountry, specifically Bluffton because they found it to be a beautiful community. Today they have two beautiful children who have been raised with both American and Mexican traditions. In addition, in this home, Sabrina has made it possible for her native language, Spanish, to be present and to be part of the day-to-day lives of Corey and her children. It is not unusual that in the middle of their conversations in English, Sabrina makes use of expressions such as, do you want “milk”?, do you want “question”? and that Corey, despite not completely speaking Spanish, has expanded his vocabulary, and thanks to this he can understand conversations with Sabrina’s parents.

Knowing the difficulties that a relationship can go through due to cultural differences, we wanted to ask you what your recommendations are for many couples who today have a relationship of this type. Corey and Sabrina highlight the importance of being extremely patient with each other in order to get used to their traditions and cultural references, taking the time to put themselves in each other’s shoes, respecting differences, and being open to constant learning being a source of fun that strengthens the family bond. 

Thanks to this constant learning, Corey and Sabrina managed to transcend the home environment and jointly start a business. Today they are the owners of a shoe store, which in a play on words that identifies them, they called Penny Kix. This business idea arose thanks to a particular passion that Corey has for “sneakers” and the dream he had of being able to unite passion with business so that this would become more of a hobby than a job. Thus, Corey and Sabrina formed an excellent work team, and thanks to their dedication and effort, they opened their second store at the end of 2021. We hope you have enjoyed their love story and we invite you to learn a little more about them and their work, following them on Peannykix’s social networks on Facebook and Instagram.

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