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Hybrid Technology In Vogue

Hybrid Technology In Vogue

Hybrid vehicles offer fuel savings between 30 and 40 percent, compared to traditional vehicles. The measure of greater or lesser savings will depend on the traffic and type of driving.

Its technology works when the gasoline engine supplies power to the electric motor or generator which in turn provides power to the electric propulsion motor so that any power from the gasoline engine is directed to the generator motor which recharges the batteries when the car is moving, producing an internal synergy where the electrical part recharges itself without the need for external recharges.

When the internal combustion that is used as fuel takes place, the electrical part has the mission of providing force to favor movement through electric traction, thus allowing the saving of gasoline or diesel.

Hybrid technology had its first attempts in the 19th century (1832-1891), when Nicolas August Otto, one of the fathers of the automobile, said “the

the electric motor is a brilliant invention that will one day complement the gasoline engine”.

At that time the electric batteries did not cover the objectives. Recharging times were slow, vehicle autonomy was very low or inefficient, and in search of a way to eliminate this disadvantage, the manufacturers of the big brands decided to invest and develop the hybrid concept as a solution for sustainable mobility.

Hybrid vehicles are power generators themselves. It converts the kinetic energy of braking into electrical energy that is stored in the batteries. Its efficiency will depend on the context where the vehicle moves, if it is in the city it will make alternative use of both engines and when it does not need additional power, the electric motor will be the protagonist.

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Having exposed the fuel-saving scenario, there is also the commitment to the environment in the reduction of CO2 emissions to avoid greater air pollution. So hybrid cars also have the name of ecological vehicles and will be in the short and medium-term “the sector with the greatest potential for increased sales” According to the Global Automotive Executive Survey of KPMG

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