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Melody Rodriguez – An Entrepreneurial Leader In The Hispanic Community

Melody Rodriguez – An Entrepreneurial Leader In The Hispanic Community


This month we had the opportunity to interview Melody Rodríguez, who has built an important business career in the United States. Let’s learn a little about her history and her motivations to support the Hispanic Community. 

La Isla Magazine/  Melody to begin, tell us, where are you from and how long ago did you come to the United States?

Melody. R /  Well, I am proudly Venezuelan, from the Andean mountains of Mérida. 26 years ago I came to Savannah to live in a small studio apartment while I was a student at Armstrong University.  

La Isla Magazine. We know that in addition to studying you also worked at Armstrong University, can you tell us about your experience there?

Melody. A /  As many of you know (and for those who do not know) I worked for 15 years at Armstrong University, which is now Georgia Southern University, serving as administrator of the University. I did a great variety of things there: I founded the Hola program and the Camino program, where many students were given scholarships. The last project I was involved with different partners and community leaders, with the aim of launching a program that would allow many more people to graduate with university degrees, not only of Latino origin but in general. This program was called Savannah Graduates and thanks to this we have reached a higher level of education in the city. It is very nice to see the growth we are having as a city and also the pride as Latinos, because we are also part of this growth of talent to build more leaders in this country.

                                                                    La Isla Magazine/ Now you are a businesswoman, how has the transition been from going from education to business?

Melody. R /  After my work at the University I started a career with my family to open restaurants, creating business plans. These experiences have led me to think strategically how to carry out  a project, allowing the passion, excellence and competition are the values that guide me in this point of my professional life. Armstrong was my first act, restaurants were my second act, and now I’m starting the third act of my life.

La Isla Magazine/ Can you tell us what this third act is about?

Melody. R /  Yes, this third act is the one that I hope to retire with in the future. Restaurant project management led me to get involved with renovating spaces and investing in real estate; Because I have a super passionate heart for interior design, it is something that I did since I was little and I knew that this is a career, a field, an industry with which I not only have a professional affinity but also, there is the opportunity to help Latinos and to diversify the talents that I also have. I know that I can learn new things.

La Isla Magazine/  Of course, you can achieve everything you set your mind to. Speaking a bit about this new year, are you the type of person who creates goals for the new year? And if so, could you share with us what they are?

Melody. R / Yes of course. I recently joined an excellent team of real estate agents here in Savannah, the Engel & Völkers company. This company has three main values within its mission: the value of being competent and effective, the value of having passion, and the value of exclusivity. These values are guiding me in many of the goals that I have in this new stage of my life. Especially for me it is very important to make way for the Latino community so that they can obtain their first home in this country and in which they can put down roots, both for themselves and their generations. Also, I want to challenge the Latino community to think outside the box and be encouraged to invest. For me the American education of  planning for the future retirement and to have economic stability, is a lesson that I have appreciated a lot during my life, so my main goal is to educate Hispanics on how to achieve this, how they can buy a house and what they can invest in before they retire. My heart has always been with the Latino community, it always has been despite adversity, in all the businesses I have undertaken and now as a real estate agent  and real estate consultant.

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La Isla Magazine/ Thank you very much Melody for this interview, please, can you give us your information so that the Latino community can contact you?

Melody. R / Sure. You can find me on the social networks of Facebook and Instagram as “Melody Rodriguez, Real Estate Advisor – I speak Spanish.” You can also find me on my website I’m here to help. You can also call me by phone if you need, my number is 912-704-7721.

La Isla Magazine/  Thanks Melody, we really appreciate it.

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