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Vicente Fernández – His Life, His Music

Vicente Fernández – His Life, His Music


In this month’s edition, we want to pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians of ranchera music, Vicente Fernández, who unfortunately passed away last December at the age of 81. Today we will take a tour of the musical successes with which we will forever remember the Idol of Mexico.

Vicente Fernández

A new star of ranchera music is born – Vicente Fernández makes his musical debut in 1966, generating great expectations among his audience who hoped that he would be at the level of great ranchera icons such as Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante and Javier Solís. This beginning was marked by the following songs:

“Tu camino y el mío” – 1969

“Volver, volver” – 1972 

“El Rey” – 1972

“Que te vaya bonito” – 1974

“La ley del monte” – 1975

“Los mandados” – 1977

An icon is consolidated – Vicente Fernández’s music reaches world fame as his hits are heard around the world. His voice and interpretation lead him to be named the Idol of Mexico. These are the most remembered songs of this era: 

“Hoy platiqué con mi gallo” – 1986

“Mujeres divinas” – 1988

“Por tu maldito amor” – 1989

“Hermoso cariño” – 1992

“Acá entre nos” – 1992

“Perdón” – 1993

“Me voy a quitar del medio” – 1998

Vicente Fernández

“Chente” and the New Millennium – The year 2000 begins and Vicente Fernández’s musical career grows even more. In this year he released the album “Historia de un Ídolo” where he compiled his greatest hits. His image as a Mexican charro is recognized worldwide, thus becoming an anthem of ranchera music. His charisma and devotion to his audience lead him to be affectionately nicknamed “Chente.” These are the most famous songs: 

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“La diferencia” – 2000

“Estos celos” – 2007

“Para siempre” – 2007

“Fuego en la sangre” – 2008

Vicente Fernández

Goodbye to a great – Without a doubt, the life and work of Vicente Fernández will remain recorded in history thanks to the great legacy and musical heritage of hundreds of songs that he left throughout his career. Vicente Fernández gave himself to his audience on stage almost until the end of his days. His latest concerts and musical releases were very significant. We recommend you listen to these three albums that conclude the musical career of the great Vicente Fernández.  

“Un azteca en el azteca (En Vivo)” – 2016

“Más romántico que nunca” – 2018

“A mis 80’s” – 2020

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