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Tips For Your Baby To Travel Comfortably And Calmly By Plane

Tips For Your Baby To Travel Comfortably And Calmly By Plane

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  1. Dress baby in layers:

• Due to the change in temperature, you can vary if he needs more or fewer clothes to feel comfortable 

• Choose clothes that make changing diapers easy

• Pack a change clothes or two 

• In case of turbulence when changing the diaper, bring a bag for the dirty.

2. Always be ready for an earache: 

• Breastfeed baby, give baby a bottle or pacifier. The action of sucking can help. 

• If you have the flu or an ear infection, a dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help, check with your doctor to find out how much to give your child. 

3. It is best for everyone to sleep on the trip: 

• Try to travel during your baby’s sleeping hours, or you can skip a nap until it is time to travel 

• Delays can be a problem and your baby could cry instead of sleeping. But still, try.

4. Change your baby’s diaper or take your child to the bathroom just before getting on the plane: 

•  Plan for delays, and pack extra supplies. 

5. Bring distraction ideas: toys, books, and dedicate all the time to them during the flight: 

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• A tablet with videos can be a good reinforcement if toys or books cease to interest you (I do not recommend that you use these devices in children under 2 years old, but in some situations like this, an exception can be made.)

6. Don’t feel bad if people look at you strangely:

• Despite your effort, your baby may or may not cry 

• You did what you could so relax 

• Keep calm so that your baby can also be a little calmer, despair does not lead to anything good. 

• And remember that for every person who looks at you strangely, there are many more who have gone through the same thing and understand you.

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