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Marín García And His Ranch “El Encanto”

Marín García And His Ranch “El Encanto”

This month we had the opportunity to visit the Ranch El Encanto and learn about the history of the owner of this beautiful place located in Pineland, South Carolina. His name is Marín García, he was born in Hidalgo, Mexico and came to the United States with his wife more than 20 years ago. His name is Marín García, he was born in Hidalgo, Mexico and arrived with his wife more than 20 years ago in the United States, a country that gave him the opportunity to establish himself and fulfill a great dream: To be an entrepreneur and at the same time dedicate himself to a true passion. 

“The truth is it is an honor to share with you part of my life, of the passion and love that I have for horses. They are an important part of my life because the love I have for them is due to the inheritance of my parents and my grandfather. They instilled in us to work in the field of cattle and horses, so this is something that I like to do and I enjoy it, not precisely as a business but as a passion. “

El Encanto Ranch evokes a little piece of the Mexican countryside in the Lowcountry. Today many appreciate their services; The horses at Rancho El Encanto are so admired for their beauty and qualities that they are requested for photoshoots, events, celebrations, and competitions in the community. They are also noble and calm horses that can help as stress elimination therapy since they can be easily ridden by children and adults.

“On our ranch, we don’t have many horses, but the ones we do have are beautiful horses, much admired for the work they do in high school. One of the first horses that I acquired here was a Friesian horse mixed with Percheron, a very beautiful and noble horse: it is the darling of the Enchantment. We take care of the spoiled and his siblings for photos, shows, and events. We also have a black mare that we are training for cutting cattle, a traditional American competition. “

We also take this opportunity to talk about such an important moment for Latinos, waiting for children and adults: Christmas and the end of the year.

For him and his family the celebration of the Christmas holidays is very important, he told us that they prepare typical Mexican dishes such as tacos Rojos de pollo y carne, ponche y romeritos con camarones (red chicken and meat tacos, warm punch, and rosemary with shrimp). 

As a message for the end of the year 2021, Marín thanks for his life in the United States, a country full of opportunities for him, his wife, and their children. For this reason, he invites the Hispanic community to continue believing and fighting for their dreams, because it is possible to fulfill them in this country. 

“My family is made up of my wife and my three children, they are the engine that keeps him going and excelling. My children, thank God, are Americans. I feel blessed with the family that I have and grateful to God for the opportunities, lessons, and hope that this country has given us. I tell everyone to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way because by doing things well and fighting, you can achieve all the dreams that you set out to do. “  


Finally, we invite the entire community to contact Mr. Marín García if they need the services offered by El Encanto Ranch, sharing with his family the love and passion for horses.

“For me, it has been a pleasure, they already know that they have their home here. The day they like to join us, they know the doors are open at Rancho El Encanto. “

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