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Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols

For most Hispanics, Christmas is an important time of the year, it is a time that involves family get-togethers, special dinners, gifts, parties, sharing and enjoyment, in accordance with the traditions of each country.

Music at this time of year is very important, it is music that evokes different emotions, melancholy, happiness, tranquility, nostalgia among others. It is common to hear in our homes at this time, cumbias, porros, bagpipes, Banda, Bachata and other rhythms that go through the traditional ¨Those December, those December, those December that will never return¨… passing through the plains donkey (Burrito Sabanero) , and the Christmas carols more traditional Christmas prayers that span nine days (Las novenas), such as a silent night, the little drummer boy among others.

The carols or Christmas songs were songs that were written during  the Renaissance. They were created because they told popular stories that were shared from town to town, then they were adopted by the church as the most important songs of Christmas. However, since the seventeenth century, we find a large archive of Christmas carols in the cathedral of Mexico that were disseminated throughout Latin America leaving a great cultural legacy and that is shared with Quito, Lima and Bogotá in America and Spanish Seville as important cities in the Cologne.


The Christmas carols have been incorporated as the most important songs in the advent celebrations (novenas de aguinaldos.) Christmas advent celebrations are traditions that are still practiced in many of our countries. It is attributed to Frayler Fernando de Jesús Larrea, who lived between 1700 and 1733. This Ecuadorian priest began writing the verses on request when he was 25 years old.

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This Celebration of Advent of Christmas pays homage to the birth of Jesus. It is the most important event for Catholics. In our families and especially for the little ones, the advent celebrations allow us to prepare the arrival of Jesus. It is an exciting time that includes Christmas gifts (toys) that are brought and baby Jesus also arrives to be placed in the manager.  

We invite you to share as a family and make this Christmas season a moment of union, fraternity and a lot of love. Merry Christmas everyone …

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