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By: Iliana Leyba

As we all know, food is a cultural asset that tends to be totally multicultural and can only be measured according to demand based on consumer tastes that are shaped or transformed over time.

And here I have a curious fact or rather surprising fact, that even floored the experts, this has been their feeling too!

According to statistics, more tortillas are sold in the United States than hamburger buns, sandwiches, bagels or hot dog buns, all of which are associated with American culture.

What is curious is that the tortilla is being used not only in the traditional Mexican style to make tacos or burritos, but it is also consumed with candy or jam, with anything … making it clear that this is a great example of how Hispanics are influencing or modifying traditions in other countries!

And all this phenomenon can be explained from two areas: on the one hand, the growing purchasing power of Hispanics, which has increased by 31% since 2008, and on the other hand because Latin food – and I’m not just talking about Mexican food – , is associated with the idea of ​​freshness and a certain sophistication, which is why it can now be positioned in a higher ranking, even being considered by many as Gourmet or Premium foods.

However, remember that changes always bring challenges and this opens up many possibilities for production companies who must innovate and continue creating improvements in their products.

So my friends, long live our Latin American culture!

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