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Fall Safety Celebrations

Fall Safety Celebrations

Cinda Seamon

Fire & Life Safety Educator, Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue


There are many fall celebrations – Day of The Dead, Halloween, and All Saints or All Souls’ Day. These are important times to practice fire safety.


For kids:

*If your child is wearing a costume for any parties, it should be fireproof or flame retardant.  A mask should have eye holes that are big enough so they can see.  It is best if you can decorate their faces. Do not use costumes that have long trailing material.   Carry only soft props.

*Use flashlights instead of candles.

*Tell children to stay away from open flames such as candles

*Stay in neighborhoods you know and with people you know.

*When out in the neighborhood, stay away from animals you do not know.  Never go near or pet an animal you do not know.

  For adults:

*When using candles for celebrations, make sure they are far enough away from curtains or anything else that can catch on fire.  Make sure candles are somewhere where people will not hit them or brush up against them – that includes low coffee tables where candles can easily be knocked over.

*Never leave candles or incense unattended.

See Also

*When decorating walkways, avoid using candles or torch lights, as people may brush against these.  Flashlights are a better choice.

*Make sure your yard is clear and you do not have any gardening equipment, hoses, flower pots or anything that a person can trip on.

*When cooking, never leave the kitchen or cooking area – this is the most common reason fires start!  Keep pot holders and dish towels away from heat.

Have fun but play it safe!



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